Love Poem Articles

Melbourne shows it's not afraid of romance

Readers responded to our love poetry competition with big hearts and hard heads, writes John Elder.

Richard Glover

Do climate-change sceptics have the same attitude to other pieces of expert advice? When their car develops a fault and the local mechanic says the brake pads are shot, do they seek a second opinion? And having been told by the second mechanic that, yes, the brake pads are shot, more

Go to bed with a good book? No thanks

Romantic love has never been less fashionable in Australian fiction, writes Matt Buchanan.

Farewell For Poet Whose Mourners Celebrate Her Generous Love Of Life

WHEN Dorothy Porter was first having treatment for cancer four years ago she wrote a poem called Charles Baudelaire's Grave. Its first line reads: How do you bury poet?


'LET him kiss me with kisses of his mouth." The Song of Songs is passionate. It is erotic. It celebrates human sexuality and carries desire to the limits of language. But why is it in the Bible? Neither God nor His people are mentioned in this ancient poem of love, more